Improving the return on R&D investments

What we do

We help companies, research centres, investors and public administrations to improve the return on their R&D investments.

We are members of The Knowledge Agents Alliance, formed by Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM), MRI International and Knowledge Investors (KI).




Retrospective 2007-2012

KIMbcn Foundation

Foundation goals and social activity

The goal of KIMbcn Foundation is to contribute to the improvement of competiveness and technology progress of companies by:

  • Providing specialised services related to evaluating the technological level of companies.
  • Applying or transferring technology for prospection and market penetration in the short, medium and long term.
  • Applying or transferring technology linked to obtaining funding for companies in any of the financial or participative means strictly foreseen within legislation.
  • Collaborating and developing joint projects with other agents (universities, research centres, technology parks, public administrations…).
  • Disseminating emerging scientific technologies, connecting the most prominent national and international institutions of research and development.
  • Organising exhibitions, conferences, debates, trainings and seminars.
  • Elaborating, editing, publishing and selling books, magazines, audio-visual materials and multimedia materials.



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