Mejoramos el retorno de la inversión en I + D

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Method for collecting, organizing and storing meaningful annotations associated to a voice audio data. This technology increases precision of annotations, improving their quality and reducing loss of information. It is automatic, without interrupting the natural flow of the conversation, permitting that the user can recall a conversation and manage annotations relevance. BENEFITS Surface […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY System and method to perform text searches in a voice communication, as we do in email or text messages. The matching of the query and the audios is based in a weighting of up to 3 different speech analysis: speech-to-text conversion, phone-me lattice and keyword identification technique. It is a new tool on […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology is a user-profiling method from a voice conversation based in typical keywords (simple matching, weight and keyword tuples), phraseology(words associated to culture, family status, socioeconomic level…), accent and pitch to determine gender and culture. BENEFITS Open to applications, not only advertising Based on voice (not in speech-to-text conversions) More accuracy in […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The current technology provides a multi-layer mesh filter for fluids with an improved structure that maximizes the filtering surface and prevents particle build up. In addition, the filter can be built as a single piece avoiding weld joints. BENEFITS Better quality: Thanks to the manufacturing process the whole filter is built in a […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The current invention provides a new method of producing 3D ceramic lattices for use in catalytic applications. The method combines additive manu facturing techniques and metallic heat oxidation treatments. BENEFITS Less cost: The method provides a much cheaper solution in comparison with current methods on the market. Better quality: The methods provides full […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The current invention is based on a contactless electromagnetic device that allows to distribute evenly added nano-particles in an Alloy matrix,especially for the manufacturing of large component. BENEFITS More efficient: It produces stronger stirring, extending its capacity and reducing the timing. In addition, the induced current tends to expel large size impurities on […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This invention relates to a communication protocol for transmitting data packets in an asynchronous manner and where each packet is transmitted in a known amount (two or more) of time slots. BENEFITS More capacity: Channel occupation is reduced, so more users can be handled within the same limits of the communication channel. Simpler: […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The invention optimizes the power distribution of packets in order to maximize the capacity of the Enhanced Spread Aloha (E-SSA) technique. This technology comprises a methodology to optimize the user terminal power distribution at the gateway input. BENEFITS More efficient: (Quasi-) Optimum power distribution of the devices. Less consumption: Up to 10% economical […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The current invention provides a new system of heat power source based on the use of incoherent light form high wattage light bulbs (200-1,000 W) focus though a number of mirrors/lens modules to heat a localized area. BENEFITS Less cost: The system provides a lower cost and lighter solution in comparison with other […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology is based on the coating of a reference filament through a melt-pool comprised of the constituent elements of the alloy. This method offers a simplified wire manufacturing process and a 20-50% cost reduction in comparison with other common methods. BENEFITS Simpler: The overall manufacturing process is simplified, producing high quality alloys. […]