Melhoramos o retorno de seus investimentos em P&D

Method for generating a new panel of transplantable mouse lung cancer cell lines

Antimicrobial nanostructured lasting coating for fuel tanks

Process for manufacturing Microencapsulated Phase-Change Materials (PCMs)

Technology to produce fabrics with insecticide properties

Colour transfer inhibitor material wich prevents dye transfer from textiles during washing process

Obtaining method of nanoparticles of CDTE-GSH highly fluorescent

Procedure for obtaining a carbon electrode from waste acid batteries

Modular transportable stable

Syrup production process

Financial risk management software

Hierarchical three dimensional nanoestructured networks

Spatially multiplexed spectrophotometry: Fast Spectro

Novel biosensing label-free cell sorting technology: Cancer / healthy cell classification

Coded digital modulation for communication systems

Optical reflector element for x-ray applications

Packet data transmission over a shared transmission channel

Multi-wire feeder system for alloy formation and additive manufacturing

Smart gateway diversity for broadband networks

Method of producing reinforced metallic materials

Method of constructing a metallic component from material voxels

Method for producing metallic alloys wires of large lengths, in a low cost manner

Additive manufacturing system using focused lighy heating source

Power control in a spread-spectrum unslotted random access communication

Asyncrhonous contention resolution diversity aloha

Contactless electromagnetic device for nano-particle evenly distribution in alloy matrices

Manufacturing of a ceramic article from a metal preform provided by 3D-printing

Advanced fluidic filter

User-profiling technology base on voice keywords from a speech conversation, without going through speech-to-text

System to perform textual queries on voice communications

Voice analytics technology for speech to text transcription and identification of voice patterns