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This technology includes the 3D nanostructured network and an time and cost efficient methodology to produce it. The network enables a precise control over the morphology of the material, providing color and other properties to the whole structure through light diffraction.


  • Can be used as temp late: In order to be filled with a wide variety of organic or inorganic materials, what gives another opportunity to provide visual properties to surfaces.
  • Lower cost production method: The template is made of alumina, which provides mechanical, chemical and thermal stability. It also reducces thermal conductivity.
  • Precise control of material morphology: Offering the opportunity to introduce any material in the template.


This technology could be of interest in the following sectors, according to the range of benefits it offers:

  • Paintings and coatings
  • Jewelry & Watches
  • Energy harvesting applications
  • Make-up sector


  • Porous structure
  • Nanoporous
  • Alumina
  • Anodic
  • Anodized
  • Oxide
  • Template
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