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It allows one to control any dynamic system, including complex real non linear systems. The main advantage is that it can self-adapt to changes in the controlled system. This means that, if there is a feasible solution, the controller can redefine its behavior to take into account modifications in the system, the sensors or even the actuators.


  • Improved technique: This technology has been optimized in order to improve their functionalities and operative capacity.
  • Innovative modular arquitecture: The controllers have the ability to plan their movement taking into account possible obstacles interposed in its movement, either static or dynamic.
  • Auto-localization system: The platform that this technology uses does not have to count on external location systems.
  • Lower costs: Due to a cheaper maintenance because of the optimization of the technological solution.


The technology can be used in autopilot systems for aircrafts/RPAS and controllers for ground systems which need an optimal control and motion planning, in diffe- rent sectors, such as:

  • Security & safety
  • Energy & environment
  • Information & communication technologies
  • Aeronautics, automotive, maritime & transport


  • Space system software
  • Space system control
  • Automation, telepresence & robotics
  • Optimal control
  • Autopilot
  • Controller
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