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The invention optimizes the power distribution of packets in order to maximize the capacity of the
Enhanced Spread Aloha (E-SSA) technique. This technology comprises a methodology to optimize the user terminal power distribution at the gateway input.


  • More efficient: (Quasi-) Optimum power distribution of the devices.
  • Less consumption: Up to 10% economical saving, especially in bursty communications that use Direct Sequence – Spread Spectrum (DS-SS) in an asynchronous fashion and in a decentralized user power selection.


The current invention can benefit applications based on multi-user communications, such as:

  • M2M/IoT
  • Mobile communications
  • Traffic monitoring
  • Search and rescue services
  • Environment monitorings


  • Spread-spectrum
  • Random access
  • Aloha
  • Multiple access
  • Data transmission
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