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This technology refers to a method of producing a thermoeletric material, the skutterudite (CoSb3), with a higher energy recovery capacity and a higher working temperature range than the solutions on the market, indicates that this is a technology that provides a disruptive improvement over pre-existing technologies in the market.

The method presented here achieves a reduction of the intermediate steps of skutterudite production, through the substitution of hydrogenation through metals by the use of carbon as a reducing agent.


  • Faster and easier production, by reducing the intermediate steps of the process
  • Superior thermoelectric properties than the existing solutions in the market.


This technology has a very defined main application in the field of thermal energy recovery.
So it is considered that the method presented here and its resulting product can be applied in different
industrial processes and areas always in relation to the recovery of thermal energy.


  • Energy recovery
  • Thermoelectric
  • CoSb3
  • Skutterudite
  • Material production

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Nataly Pizarro · Project Manager

Nataly Pizarro


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