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Method for collecting, organizing and storing meaningful annotations associated to a voice audio data. This technology increases precision of annotations, improving their quality and reducing loss of information. It is automatic, without interrupting the natural flow of the conversation, permitting that the user can recall a conversation and manage annotations relevance.


  • Surface protection: This technology protects metal surfaces from some
  • Improved quality of voice analysis: Better quality of annotations
  • Increased reliability: Less loss of information pieces
  • Easy operability: It is possible to generate automatically an annotation containing the piece of information identified.
  • Better performance: It also allows to assign a level of relevance (automatically or manually) and store the annotation associated to the level of relevance


Mainly, the scope of this technology is the telecommunications sector, where it can be implemented in applications such as:

  • Corporate software
  • Robots
  • Contact center software
  • Meeting support
  • Operators and Messenger services
  • Tv or radio data storage systems
  • Qualitative market research


  • Voice analytics
  • Voice audio data
  • Automatic anotations
  • Pattern-search algorithm
  • Speech to text transcription
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Nataly Pizarro · Project Manager

Nataly Pizarro


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