Millorem el retorn de les inversions en R+D

La col·laboració publicoprivada i la transferència de coneixement, eines fonamentals per desenvolupar l’economia de l’Espai a Catalunya Empreses del sectors aeroespacial i tecnològic, institucions i experts exposen a la Llotja de Mar les oportunitats i l’impacte econòmic d’aquesta nova indústria a Catalunya. La New Space obre oportunitats de negoci al llarg de tota la cadena […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology consists in a vaccine which can be administrated through the mucosa (oral and/or intranasal) for the treatment and control of PCV2 associated diseases. Additionally, this vaccine includes a microencapsulated antigen, which permits to deliver an efficient and harmless immunization and also controlled delivery to the therapeutic target. This innovation also has […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology is able to discriminate, in vivo, rapidly and efficiently, healthy from cancer cells, based on measuring physical parameters like mass, density and cell viscoelasticity. BENEFITS Faster: By avoiding labeling processes, this technology can lead to more efficient and cheap processes for early detection of certain illnesses. In vivo: The interaction of […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology is a new label free optical technique named Spatially Multiplexed Spectrophotometry (SMS). The technique allows spectral characterization of surfaces with one order of magnitude better lateral resolution than actual spectrophotometers, and two orders of magnitude shorter analysis time. This technique has been applied to the classification of cancer cells by their […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Quantum Dots of CdTe, obtained through a more versatile and more economical method of synthesis present low toxicity, higher structural stability and more biocompatibility than some others quantum dots, due to their glutathione protective shield. Furthermore, they possess higher efficiency, durability and fluorescence than present organic fluorophores. BENEFITS Simpler and cheaper production, owing […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology is a method for generating an unlimited pool of a new panel of mouse lung cancer cell lines. Compared with the currently used human cell lines, mouse cell lines are less expensive and improve the reliability of scientific results since can be transplantable to mice with an intact immune system that […]

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