Millorem el retorn de les inversions en R+D

Context The benefits of fiber optic sensors (FOS) for ambient conditions over their conventional counterparts (thermocouples, gauges, or extensometers) are well established; they are smaller, lighter, longer lasting and can provide an enormous number of measurement points at a fraction of total sensor weight. The last frontier in fiber optic sensing is now ultra-harsh environments […]

La col·laboració publicoprivada i la transferència de coneixement, eines fonamentals per desenvolupar l’economia de l’Espai a Catalunya Empreses del sectors aeroespacial i tecnològic, institucions i experts exposen a la Llotja de Mar les oportunitats i l’impacte econòmic d’aquesta nova indústria a Catalunya. La New Space obre oportunitats de negoci al llarg de tota la cadena […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The current invention provides a new system of heat power source based on the use of incoherent light form high wattage light bulbs (200-1,000 W) focus though a number of mirrors/lens modules to heat a localized area. BENEFITS Less cost: The system provides a lower cost and lighter solution in comparison with other […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The proposed invention comprises the theoretical design and the method of fabrication of an optical reflector element for high energy particle beams such as X-rays. BENEFITS Lower cost: Since the optics is modular, it allows to drastically reduce the production and integration costs. More compact: Lighter weight than comparable devices and the “Stack” […]

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