Millorem el retorn de les inversions en R+D

La col·laboració publicoprivada i la transferència de coneixement, eines fonamentals per desenvolupar l’economia de l’Espai a Catalunya Empreses del sectors aeroespacial i tecnològic, institucions i experts exposen a la Llotja de Mar les oportunitats i l’impacte econòmic d’aquesta nova indústria a Catalunya. La New Space obre oportunitats de negoci al llarg de tota la cadena […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology consist in an planning and programming algorithms developed to assign optimal tasks in complex scenarios, like could be robots with limited turning capabilities or those who have to deal with complex terrains. It has been implemented in Planning & Scheduling demonstrators for autonomous robots, which includes integration of task and path […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY It allows one to control any dynamic system, including complex real non linear systems. The main advantage is that it can self-adapt to changes in the controlled system. This means that, if there is a feasible solution, the controller can redefine its behavior to take into account modifications in the system, the sensors […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The modular transportable stable is a fully conditioned cubic volume for transportation and accommodation of horses. Its capacity varies between 2 and 11 horses. It incorporates a hydraulic lift system that lets you load the box in the trailer. It incorporates a mechanical system that allows the accommodation of the horses on arrival. […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology inhibits both, adhesion and appearance of microorganisms based on two aspects that take place simultaneously: physiochemical incompatibility between the surface of the coating and microorganisms; and biochemical elimination of microorganism by the biocides embedded in the coating. BENEFITS Surface protection: This technology protects metal surfaces from some chemical reactions which commonly […]

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