Improving the return on R&D investments

Method for generating a new panel of transplantable mouse lung cancer cell lines

Antimicrobial nanostructured lasting coating for fuel tanks

Process for manufacturing Microencapsulated Phase-Change Materials (PCMs)

Technology to produce fabrics with insecticide properties

Colour transfer inhibitor material wich prevents dye transfer from textiles during washing process

Obtaining method of nanoparticles of CDTE-GSH highly fluorescent

Procedure for obtaining a carbon electrode from waste acid batteries

Modular transportable stable

Syrup production process

Financial risk management software

Hierarchical three dimensional nanoestructured networks

Spatially multiplexed spectrophotometry: Fast Spectro

Novel biosensing label-free cell sorting technology: Cancer / healthy cell classification

Coded digital modulation for communication systems

Optical reflector element for x-ray applications

Packet data transmission over a shared transmission channel

Multi-wire feeder system for alloy formation and additive manufacturing

Smart gateway diversity for broadband networks

Method of producing reinforced metallic materials

Method of constructing a metallic component from material voxels

Method for producing metallic alloys wires of large lengths, in a low cost manner

Additive manufacturing system using focused lighy heating source

Power control in a spread-spectrum unslotted random access communication

Asyncrhonous contention resolution diversity aloha

Contactless electromagnetic device for nano-particle evenly distribution in alloy matrices

Manufacturing of a ceramic article from a metal preform provided by 3D-printing

Advanced fluidic filter

User-profiling technology base on voice keywords from a speech conversation, without going through speech-to-text

System to perform textual queries on voice communications

Voice analytics technology for speech to text transcription and identification of voice patterns

Optimal control technology applied to the motion planning of dynamic systems

Device & procedure to compute the magnetic disturbance associated to solar activity at mid-latitudes

Proces for manufacturing a thermoelectric material (CoSb3) oriented for thermal energy recovery

Design and manufacture of small parts made with composite materials specific for each application

Automated planning & scheduling

Cost-effective construction system for lattice structures

Oral vaccine against porcine circovirus type PCV2- associated diseases

Cryogenic Heat Switch

Cryogenic Heat Switch

Minimally invasive system for faster, simpler and cheaper detection of breast cancer metastasis

Minimally invasive system for faster, simpler and cheaper detection of breast cancer metastasis

Food engineering

New technological processes for obtaining and manufacturing food inside and outside our planet


New nickel (Ni), automated, continuous coating system for FBG and Distributed Fiber Optic Sensors (FOS) operating in ultra-harsh environments

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM