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Cryogenic Heat Switch


This technology is responsible for controlling temperature changes in elements that must be cooled at certain times of their activity. It is capable of working in a wide temperature range within the cryogenic environment, 20K to 120K, providing much more flexibility than other Heat Switches developed in the past. No power is needed for its operation. It is capable of working at ambient temperatures and higher temperatures than the current Heat Switches on the market.


  • Easy to use: The proposed technology can be used as a bolt-on replacement for a Flexible Thermal Link. No other skills than bolt tightening are needed.
  • It insulates the element to be cooled: Incorporates its own high performance Flexible Thermal Link to mechanically isolate the element to be cooled down from the heat sink, which is usually a cryocooler.
  • Multitasking: Allows operating both Coolers at same time in case an increase in thermal performance is needed.
  • Adaptative: It can be adapted to be an interface for several elements to be cooled. It can be adapted to different types of Coolers and elements to be cooled. It is delivered fully tested and qualified for the specific application.


The Cryogenic Heat Switch manufactured with this technology is useful for thermal conditioning in a great variety of sectors involving cryogenics, such as: Space, Satellite, Science, High-energy Physics, Industrial.


  • Heat Switch
  • Cryogenic
  • Thermal Efficiency
  • Vacuum
  • Space

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Nataly Pizarro · Project Manager

Nataly Pizarro


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