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This technology computes the magnetic disturbance associated to solar activity at mid-latitudes, by the LDi geomagnetic index, which is an essential element in risk management of the effects of solar activity to prepare a successful strategy. This index monitors in real time the local geomagnetic disturbance which may affect vulnerable technologies.


  • Exclusive index worldwide: to monitor the solar disturbance in local territories.
  • High resolution and in real time: It obtains the local geomagnetic disturbance component at mid latitudes in real time and with high resolution (1 minute).
  • Easy to implement: The procedure is made available as a software package or implemented in a device.
  • Low economic cost and low technical difficulty: For its commercial operation and exploitation.


  • Industrial manufacture, material & transport
  • Energy & environment
  • Information & communication
  • Risk prevention
  • Insurance


  • Ground station system & networks
  • Geomagnetic disturbance
  • Local geomagnetic index
  • Electromagnetic technologies & techniques
  • RF systems, payloads & technologies
  • Quality, Dependability & safety
  • Spacecraft environments & effects
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