Improving the return on R&D investments

KIM, ESA broker in Spain

KIM collaborates with ESA since 2012, when it was entrusted with the assessment, prioritization and analysis of patent portfolio of the Agency, to their application in non-space sectors in Spain.

In 2016, the European Space Agency (ESA) chooses KIM as the new broker in Spain.

KIM has the role to detect business innovations developed by the Spanish space industry and ESA technologies, in order to market them in the non-space sector.

How a broker works

Broker roles

The European Space Agency’s Tech Transfer Brokers network offers extensive support to the space industry through identification and exploitation of new market opportunities. ESA brokers also facilitate the access to these technologies to non-space industry partners.

  1. Identification of applications to non-space market
  2. Mediation between space and non-space industry
  3. Support with ESA space solutions brand usage
  4. Packaging of space technology offers
  5. Communication of success stories
  6. Access to ESA IP Portfolio

What KIM can do for you

Government bodies

  • Promotion of the aerospace industry in Spain.
  • Promotion of the “Spain” brand as a technological brand at an international level.
  • Promoting innovation in SMEs through actions that help them innovate quickly (for example, by acquiring technologies instead of developing them).

Aerospace corporations

  • Generation of new business opportunities, by licensing its technologies to companies in non-space sectors, or by creating new R&D projects to advance the TRL space technology.
  • Visibility through dissemination of success stories (application of their technologies in other sectors) and other communication activities.

Large non-space corporations

  • Creation of lines of work in the aerospace field.
  • Design of intrapreneurship programs related to the best application to the business of a space technology.


  • Fast track to innovation, by detecting technological challenges and solving them with ESA technologies.
  • Sophistication of its corporate image (“made in collaboration with ESA”).

Nuestros eventos

Barcelona Copernicus Hackathon 19′ | May 2019

Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM), together with other local and international partners, celebrates the “Barcelona Copernicus Hackathon” with the aim of promoting the use of data and services of Copernicus Earth Observation (EO) for the emergence of disruptive ideas and new opportunities of business by bringing together: students, developers, graphic designers, data analysts, entrepreneurs, managers, researchers and space enthusiasts.

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Space for inspiration 2018

Space for inspiration Workshop | October 2018

Space for Inspiration is an international conference organized by ESA for all those interested in space exploration. This second edition focuses on how space can be a powerful instrument for positive change, and new business, on planet Earth.
In parallel, there is a call for ideas called DIGITS – Disruptive Ideas Growing Innovation Towards Sustainability, through which it can be exhibited in this event.
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Act In Space Hackaton | May 2018

International innovation competition. Brings together more than 36 countries and 72 cities around the world in a competition of 24 hours. As a hackathon, seeks to invent the new services of tomorrow thanks to space technologies.
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Space Connect Workshop | 2018

2-day intensive feasibility workshop working with experts to facilitate the entry into the market of the technology transfer projects

ESA Master Workshop | October 2017

Space technology transfer Workshop among KIM, different companies from various sectors and the ESA Prime Broker.
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Debate: ¿Is it time to colonize other worlds? | October 2017

As a part of the World Space Week 2017 programme, it discussed with experts the options that open us to the future by exploring other planets.
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BCN Space Meeting | October 2017

Technical session to know the current situation of the companies dedicated to the aerospace sector and to know what technologies they are developing.
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Concurso ESA Tech-Landing | November 2016

The “ESA Tech-Landing” Contest was an initiative of ESA, KIM and the support of ESA BIC Madrid, with the main objective of rewarding technology based entrepreneurship, using ESA’s patented technologies as value propositions of new business models not directly linked to the aerospace sector.

The winner solution (“Preventing head-clogging of ink-jet printers for ceramics -tiles- by the use of an advanced fluid filters”), devised by the Spanish researcher Breogán Pato, is based on the use of an advanced fluidic filter (pat 642) developed by ESA.

Being the winner of the “ESA Tech-Landing 2016” contest, Breogán Pato has the opportunity to present his project at the selection process in order to enter one of the ESA BICs.

Recently, “MAintenance of Remote INfrastructures and Equipments (MARINE)”, another finalist project of the “ESA Tech-Landing” contest, has been selected to take part in the “Space Creativity Centre” (ESA support programme to validate technologies).

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Citizens’ Debate on Space (Spanish edition) | September 2016

On 10 September 2016, citizens from 22 European countries participated in the first Citizens’ Debate on Space for Europe. This event was organised by ESA with the support of Missions Publiques. During the course of the day, citizens had the opportunity to learn, debate, have their say and participate by suggesting priorities on all aspects of current and future space programmes.

This consultation on an unprecedented scale took place simultaneously in all 22 Member States of the European Space Agency (ESA). The Spanish edition of this event was organized by KIM and with the support of ESA BIC Madrid and it involved about 100 citizens.

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†IV Innovation Meet: Roadmap to Space Entrepreneurship | May 2016

The Innovation Meets, powered by KIM, sought to promote best practices in innovation and tech transfer. The aim of this special edition, organized by KIM and with the support of ESA BIC Madrid, was two-fold:

  • Showing the keys to transfer space technology to other sectors.
  • Understanding the technological challenges of leading entities and how space technologies can solve them.

This event was attended by prominent speakers from ESA TTPO, ESA BIC Madrid, Fundación madri+d, LES, Madrid Aerospace Cluster, CDTI, 3M, ALTER Technology, Indra, Acciona, OHL…

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