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ERC - European Research Council

In 2011, the European Research Council -ERC- launched the «Proof of Concept-PoC-» funding initiative.

The objetive of the ERC PoC program is to provide support to projects already financed by the Consortium in any previous call, seeking to bring value to the project, in order to implement the proof of concept, identify developing and designing a protection strategy of intellectual property appropriate. It aims to bring it closer to the market and search for the commercial use for the results of the research previously funded.




All the principal investigators who are or have been recipients of ERC Starting, Consolidator, Advanced or Synergy Grant, one year before the date of publication of this ERC PoC call can apply for this funding call.

The PoC applicant also should be able to prove the link between research and project to be financed in the proof of concept.


ERC PoC Facts & figures

Grant funding:

Up to 150 000 euros


12-18 months

2017 Calls:

· January 19th, 2017 · 17:00h
· April 25th, 2017 · 17:00h
· September 5th, 2017 · 17:00h





Our organization helps companies, research centers, researchers, administrations and universities to improve return on their investments in R&D. In this calls, we offer our support in the following activities:

  • The preparation of the proposal for ERC-2016-PoC (Part B of the proposal and support in Part A), defining a winningtech transfer strategy.
  • The implementation of this strategy, once obtained the funding

In previous calls (2012-2015), we managed to get 6 successful cases with European universities and research centres.



Elisenda Casanelles

Elisenda Casanelles linkedin-simbolo

Elisenda Casanelles has a degree in Biology (Autonomous University of Barcelona – UAB), a Master in Biomedicine (University of Barcelona – UB) and a PhD in Neurosciences (UAB). She has experience in public scientific research & managing internationational projects.


Teresa del Campo linkedin-simbolo

Teresa del Campo linkedin-simbolo

Teresa is Máster of Legal Consultancy & MBA at IE Business School and double major-degree in Law and Business Administration (Granada University), with international and project management experience.


Francisco Velasco

Francisco Velasco linkedin-simbolo

Francisco is Strategic Development Director, BEng in Mechanical Engineering, MSc in Aerospace Materials (University of Central Lancashire, UK), and MBA (Open University Business School).

ERC PoC 2018: What’s new?


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·Discover the new edition 2018.
·Inquire and resolve questions about the program.
·Identify key factors to get the funding.
·Explore possible avenues of collaboration with other entities.


How to build a proposal to achieve success?

In this webinar, we give you some keys:

In recent years, we have helped universities and research centers to obtain funding for their proof of concept through this program.

If you want help with your proposal, please contact our experts.

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