Improving the return on R&D investments

Receive 39.000€ to solve a technical challenge using space technology

ESA Demonstrators Call

Why build a demonstrator?

Your terrestrial business can benefit from technology that was once designed for space purposes. It might even tackle a very specific technological problem. Building a demonstrator significantly reduces the risks of transferring a technology from one application field to another.

Which technologies are avaliable to you?

If you have a technical challenge and you’re looking for a solution, space technology has more than 200 feasible solutions:

  1. Find your technology
  2. Find ESA’s Space patents

What’s in it for you?

We have 39.000 EUR on offer to cover technical costs of demonstrating the use of a space technology in a non-space application. Acceptable costs are related to the implementation of the demonstrators i.e. workforce, materials, equipment. Maximum 10 projects will be selected.

  1. Find more information on the Open Calls here
  2. Find guidelines and instructions here.
  3. Download the template for the application here


Next DeadlineCall Deadlines

There will be a total of three selection waves:

May 25th · 23:59
Extended: June 1st · 23:59
June 22th · 23:59
August 24th · 23:59
The call is no longer open.
Try in 2019!

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More information

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