Improving the return on R&D investments
Open Data


The nature of open data and its transformative power is recognized as a catalyst for innovation. Its
usage enables the development of new business models, new products and services, new processes,
A study by McKinsey found that innovation was one of the main drivers of growth for companies,
saying that 80% of executives believe that their current business models are at risk of being altered
in the future. In addition, 84% say that innovation is important to their development strategy.

In this webinar, we will delve into innovation management and the efficient use of open data as
strategic tool to impact the value chain. Provision of various innovative open data applications will
help us to understand the key components of a successful Open Data initiative.

What about ODEON Project?

Interreg MED ODEON

ODEON project addresses the exploitation of Open Data and aims at strengthening the relationship between digital agenda, e-government strategy, the open data platforms implemented at several levels and the availability of Open Data to support innovation process within Interreg Mediterranean Area.

What about Catalonia Open Data Hub?

Catalunya Open Data Hub

Catalonia Open Data Hub supports the exploitation of Open Data and fosters linkages between clusters, SMEs and start-ups in order to increase their innovation and internationalization capacities.


January, 23 2020

16:00h CET


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