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According to the recent studies, exponential advances in innovative and digital technologies has caused a continues increase in health care demand and expenditures in the past few year. Healthcare as a complex and data intensive sector faces numerous problems such as big data management, data breaches, cyber-security, etc. In addition, the increasing number of counterfeit drugs is also another emerging threat. Distributed Ledger Technologies/Blockchain are considered as potentially transformational technologies in finance, education, retail, government, and healthcare. The healthcare industry is experimenting with blockchain and finding areas such as sharing provider information, pharmaceutical supply chain, and medical record keeping where a blockchain technology can have practical use. This webinar provides an overview of the Blockchain technology to facilitate a discussion on how this technology may impact the healthcare industry.

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Loha Hashimy- Blockchain Specialist

Loha Hashimy

Tuesday, June 20th 2019

Webinar Health Blockchain

Missed out? You can still watch it here


1. Blockchain: revolution around evolution
2. Problems and challenges that healthcare system faces
3. How Blockchain can fill in the gap
4. Use cases of Blockchain for healthcare
5. GDPR, data security and some other concerns of Blockchain in healthcare
6. Q&A session


In Spain: 4:00-16:45h CEST

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM