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Knowledge Innovation Market (KIM) was founded in Barcelona in 2007, formed by a group of international experts specialized in technology transfer. It currently has offices in Madrid, Barcelona, Vigo and Santiago de Chile. With a solid and consolidated international network, KIM founded in 2013 The Knowledge Agents Alliance (KAA), an alliance present in 5 countries in a stable way through its Colombian, Chilean, North American, Swiss and Spanish partners.

It started its activity in Chile in 2007, through training actions to universities and researchers and the subsequent approval of CORFO in the Registration List for entities that carry out Market Valorization and Intellectual Property Activities.

Already in 2013, with several years of commercial and training activity in Chile, KIM signed an agreement with the Center of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CEN-Chile), to become the OTT (Office of Technology Transfer) of this center, in collaboration with the LEITAT Chile Foundation and the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH). From that same year, KIM has an office in Chile where we coordinate projects and actions in this country and in other Latin American neighbors.
If you want to contact our Chilean office, you can do so at:

Knowledge Innovation Market Chile

c/ Román Diaz 532,
Providencia, Santiago (Región metropolitana) – Chile
Phone: +56 22 321 0550

Our significant clients in Chile

[:es]UDC - Universidad de Concepción[:]
[:es]UCN - Universidad Católica del Norte[:]
[:es]USACH - Universidad de Santiago de Chile[:]

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