Improving the return on R&D investments

There is this widespread perception that lobbyists are a pressure group that seeks only their own benefit. However, this traditional view has failed if we look at the new reality in which institutions and knowledge platforms collaborate using more mature and transparent ways for developing laws and funding programs.

During KIMconference 2015, KIM collected opinions from experts such as Cristina Barragán (Kneia), Maria Carol (Fundació Clínic), Didier Gambier (EASME), Guido Mattei (European Consulting Brussels), Berta Pérez (Cambra de Comerç de Barcelona) and Albert Sorrosal (CNS Consultores) in order to elaborate a report about the subject in wich we could find answers for this actual questions:
→ What would be the correct conception of lobbying for the period 2016-2020?

→ How should an organization plan their lobbying?

→ How to manage resources to achieve effective lobby strategy?

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