Improving the return on R&D investments

KIM, as the new ESA Broker in Spain, has the role to detect business innovations developed by the Spanish space industry and ESA technologies, in order to market them in the non-space sector.

KIM collaborates with ESA since 2012, when it was entrusted with the assessment, prioritization and analysis of patent portfolio of the Agency, to their application in non-space sectors in Spain.

So far, the European Space Agency and its network of brokers, have managed to successfully transfer of about 200 space technologies to sectors as diverse as health, mining and even Formula One.

For more information about the ESA Technology Transfer program, contact:


Francisco Velasco
Project Director
(+34) 91 290 58 27


Rebeca Guerra
Project Manager
(+34) 91 290 58 27

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM