Improving the return on R&D investments

Knowledge Innovation Market – KIM encourages the development of solutions focused on the needs of our clients, following the line of eco-innovation and sustainability, guaranteeing an exhaustive control of the quality of our services.

Sustainable development is part of our management model and follows the principles of corporate responsibility in the economic, environmental, social and ethical vision, under a transversal sustainable development.

We have wide experience in innovative sustainable and environmentally friendly projects, not only as partners, but also helping companies and institutions to promote this type of project.

Sustainability is integrated into our DNA, which is why:

We set objectives to contribute to the challenges of the SDGs

We transfer our culture of sustainability to our entire value chain

We promote sustainable business and the circular economy with alliances and collaborating with interest groups promoting social value

We train our collaborators to have a clear awareness and sense of environmental responsibility and this is reflected in their work development

We prioritize the use of recycled, recyclable, biodegradable and/or reusable products

We select suppliers by high quality and local companies

We reduce our greenhouse gas emissions to reduce the effects of climate change

We are committed to the careful planning of our trips, that is why we prioritize alternative communication through telematic conferences

Our contribution to the SDGs

1. No poverty

We offer insertion programs for young people at risk of social exclusion: motivational training, job search assistance and to face their first jobs.

We also collaborate with other foundations that offer professional courses for people in vulnerable situations in the labor market.

3. Good health and well-being

We promote the health and well-being of our workers. In this sense, we collaborate with the Nust Network and in 2018 we have been awarded the Award for the Conciliation Plan and Co-responsibility of work and professional life. We also participate in projects that seek to develop technological advances in measurement.

We conceive technology in this area to enhance health and social innovation. By promoting the access of SMEs to the Silver Economy market as an objective to develop technological solutions adapted to the needs of the elderly.

4. Quality education

Through the Knowledge Innovation Market Barcelona Foundation – KIMbcn we have given more than 100 trainings with attendees of different profiles.

Scientific dissemination and innovation is one of the pillars of our entity. The objective is to bring science closer to citizens, especially the youngest and adolescents, with whom they have carried out different sessions. Thanks to all this work, we have been awarded the Quatre Cantons Award from the 22@Network Association, in the category of Scientific Dissemination for a better society.

5. Gender Equality

We give seminars and talks aimed at girls to open motivation in the scientific fields (STEM), thus promoting the selection of scientific, technological and technical careers.

This has been another reason why we have been awarded the Quatre Cantons award from the 22@Network, in the category of Scientific Dissemination for a better society.

6. Clean water & sanitation

We have been part of several international projects focused on reducing waste derived from food and industrial production activities:

  • Reground focuses on the risks posed by toxic metal contaminations to humans and the ecosystem. We use technologies to immobilize toxic metals in underground aquifers, drinking water wells, and possible seepage into river streams.
  • Rewagen is working on an electrochemical system for the treatment and reuse of wastewater from the dairy industry.
  • Nawades develops an advanced desalination filter.
  • Ecowama defines a more efficient industry water management cycle.
  • Aquapath has carried out an awareness campaign on the water footprint, to make the population aware of the need for a responsible use of water.

7. Afordable and clean energy

We are partners in projects focused on energy and architectural transformation / efficiency such as Abracadabra.

In addition, we collaborate as brokers in two transfer consortia on fusion-related technologies, such as FUTTA and Fusion For Energy.

8. Decent work and economic growth

We have a Conciliation and Co-responsibility Plan for work and personal life, where we have learned together from each of the situations.

We believe it is necessary to boost the economy through the creation of an alliance between the agents of the Quadruple Helix of Open Innovation, with the aim of attracting and retaining talent, promoting entrepreneurship and innovation.

9. Industry, innovation and infrastructure

We practice Open Innovation between industry and research and technology centers since 2007, making the generated innovations tangible and contributing to the transfer of technology to the market.

We promote technological training and innovation management as essential tools to achieve business efficiency.


Reduction of inequalities

We are committed to hiring based on the person’s skills and abilities, avoiding any discrimination or inequality in hiring criteria, and for stable employment, giving the opportunity to develop a professional career plan in our entity.

We also favor and promote personal conciliation and e-working, adapting to the personal circumstances of the team.


Sustainable cities and communities

We are part of projects where they focus on the production of sustainable building material and focused on energy efficiency, such as Abracadabra.

Our main office is located in the Leitat building, Leitat building, which has obtained an A energy certification and a 4-leaf Green environmental rating from the Green Building Council.

We promote technology transfer and participation in projects focused on the implementation of smart city models, Smart Cities, with sustainable infrastructure, transportation and public services. Finally, we have also held and collaborated with events focused on Smart Cities and resilient cities.


Responsible consumption and production

We are partners of different projects related to the circular economy, such as Plasticircle, in which we are part of a consortium whose aim is to reinvent the way we treat plastic packaging.

We promote the circular economy, with special emphasis on technologie transfer to make them reach the industry, and we hold conferences to bring technologies closer to companies.


Climate action

Related to the previous point, we work on projects whose objective is to reduce consumption, recover energy, study how to manage waste, and in the production of chemical products in industrial areas, keeping in mind the goal of the circular economy.

We have also worked to improve the environmental effect in the publishing sector by minimizing the environmental impact in production, seeking eco-efficiency.


Life below water

We have collaborated in projects to improve the quality of marine waters and the seabed, through the correct disposal of devices and equipment focused on the fishing sector, together with the proper management of waste.

We have also made our commitment to eliminate single-use plastic in our business.


Life on land

We support the creation of an Environmental Technology cluster to promote economic development and territorial cohesion.

We seek to obtain the certification of sustainable events FEMP 2020. We promote research, innovation and the development of new technologies


Peace, justice and strong institutions

We promote non-discriminatory policies in all our areas of action, in favor of sustainable development.


Partnerships to achieve the objectives

We collaborate in a network with different entities, institutions and companies seeking synergies between different actors. In this sense, we work in all areas.

From the local level, chairing the 22@Network Innovation Commission, to learn about and share the trends in ecosystems and innovation models of the district’s companies with the aim of generating sustainable, technological projects with an impact on the 22@ district of Barcelona.

At an international level, through The Knowledge Agents Alliance and various international projects in consortia with organizations from various countries.

Knowledge Innovation Market - KIM