Mejoramos el retorno de la inversión en I + D


This invention relates to a communication protocol for transmitting data packets in an asynchronous
manner and where each packet is transmitted in a known amount (two or more) of time slots.


  • More capacity: Channel occupation is reduced, so more users can be handled within the same limits of the communication channel.
  • Simpler: Time synchronization between simultaneous users of the channel is not necessary, which greatly simplifies the overall communication layout and reduces hardware cost.
  • Less cost: Because of the various simplifications, the cost of hardware involved with the communication can be reduced in comparison to earlier generation protocols.


The proposed communication protocol and system are specifically suitable for radio communication but can also have applications in computer network environments, examples include:

  • M2M/IoT
  • Mobile communications
  • Traffic flowmonitoring
  • Search and rescue services
  • Environment monitorings


  • Aloha
  • Multiple users
  • Asyncrhronous communications
  • Spread-spectrum
  • Packet collision

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