This technology has the characteristic of being more effective in preventing dye transfer from textiles during washing process. It also presents the benefit of using less additives which facilitates the process and reduce the costs.
Comparing to the existing technologies, the advantage is that the colour inhibition material is already in the washing product.


  • Easy washing method:due to the colour inhibitor transfer material is included in the detergent it simplify the process
  • Energy saving:This technology optimizes the washing process by mixing clothes of different colours in the same washing process. Consequently the number of washing process will be reduced and therefore it will be a reduction in energy consumption.
  • Environmentally friendly,Energy and water consumption reduction as a result of reduction in number of washing processes.


Some specific markets which might employ this technology are:

  • Domestic and/or industrial laundry


  • Transfer inhibiting compositions
  • Inhibiting colour
  • Trapped colour
  • Colours running
  • Composition inhibiting dye
  • Dye transfer in washing
  • Color transfer inhibitor material
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