The current invention is based on a contactless electromagnetic device that allows to distribute evenly added nano-particles in an Alloy matrix,especially for the manufacturing of large component.


  • More efficient: It produces stronger stirring, extending its capacity and reducing the timing. In addition, the induced current tends to expel large size impurities on to the surface of the melt.
  • Better quality: Its contactless design reduces the risk of contamination, extend the time utility of the probe and allows higher temperatures than comparable methods.
  • Innovative method: It can be scaled down to influence the microstructure formation during the additive manufacturing process.


The main applications of this technology relates to the capacity to manufacture alloys/composites with specific properties such as:

  • Electromagnets
  • Supercondutors
  • Shape memory components
  • Matrix metal composites


  • Contactless
  • Nano-composites
  • Metal matrix
  • Alloy matrices
  • Nanoparticle dispersion
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