This invention relates to an asynchronous data packet transmission method for digital broadcasting.
It is based on the generation of two replicas of each transmitted data packet and then inserting signal information into each replica to locate temporally and/or in frequency other replicas.


  • Better performance: Improved performance in comparison with similar technologies and efficiently covers a large variety of traffic profiles.
  • Smarter: Helps to reduce the aggregation of traffic profiles at the level of the terminal, increasing the utilization of random access protocols.


This invention may be applied to any kind of radiofrequency communications with multiple users such as:

  • Mobile telephony
  • WIFI or RFID systems
  • Search and rescue services
  • Data packets applications
  • Traffic monitorization


  • Slotted aloha
  • Multiple access
  • Random access
  • Shared transmission
  • Networks
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