System and method to perform text searches in a voice communication, as we do in email or text messages. The matching of the query and the audios is based in a weighting of up to 3 different speech analysis: speech-to-text conversion, phone-me lattice and keyword identification technique.
It is a new tool on the voice communications field that applies to any communication using speech (telephone calls, teleconference, video calls and voicemails).


  • Improved technique: This is new technique on voice communications that performs text queries on voice communications.
  • High versatility: It can be used to any speech communication
  • Better quality, better accuracy on searches.
  • Better performance: It can be used to any speech communication


Mainly, the scope of this technology is the telecommunications sector, where it can be implemented in applications such as:

  • Contact center software
  • Automatic response systems
  • Tv or radio data storage systems
  • Communication apps


  • Text queries
  • Searches on voice communications
  • Speech to text
  • Keyword identification
  • Phoneme lattice
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