Context The benefits of fiber optic sensors (FOS) for ambient conditions over their conventional counterparts (thermocouples, gauges, or extensometers) are well established; they are smaller, lighter, longer lasting and can provide an enormous number of measurement points at a fraction of total sensor weight. The last frontier in fiber optic sensing is now ultra-harsh environments […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The new mecano-like construction system comprises a simple node connector and a fast method for the assembly of lattice structures. It provides a general, fast, and cost-effective alternative to current fabrication methods because the bars, tubes, or profiles of the structure become self-clamped upon assembly while maintaining the maximum buckling performance. BENEFITS Faster […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Development of structures with composite materials, combined with design, simulation, prototyping, testing, systems engineering and production, the full development can be covered in a cost-effective manner. BENEFITS Material qualification selecting the suitable matrix. Appropiate reinforcement in product development. Suitable design and prototyping according to the final use of the piece. Complete development in […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology refers to a method of producing a thermoeletric material, the skutterudite (CoSb3), with a higher energy recovery capacity and a higher working temperature range than the solutions on the market, indicates that this is a technology that provides a disruptive improvement over pre-existing technologies in the market. The method presented here […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology is based on the coating of a reference filament through a melt-pool comprised of the constituent elements of the alloy. This method offers a simplified wire manufacturing process and a 20-50% cost reduction in comparison with other common methods. BENEFITS Simpler: The overall manufacturing process is simplified, producing high quality alloys. […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology is based on the infiltration of matrix metals into porous preform through high pressure based mechanisms. BENEFITS More quality: The method minimizes the oxidation and removes oxides on the surface of the melt. In addition, it increases the preservation of the preform and minimizes the residual porosity. Less cost: For magnesium […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology includes the 3D nanostructured network and an time and cost efficient methodology to produce it. The network enables a precise control over the morphology of the material, providing color and other properties to the whole structure through light diffraction. BENEFITS Can be used as temp late: In order to be filled […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This syrup technology provides a process for the production of syrups by pretreatment and hydrolysis of starch and cellulosic waste. Its use allows the recycling of these residues into raw materials: sugar syrups. This leads to the recovery of around 70% to 90% of waste. Reduces the costs associated with the disposal of […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Quantum Dots of CdTe, obtained through a more versatile and more economical method of synthesis present low toxicity, higher structural stability and more biocompatibility than some others quantum dots, due to their glutathione protective shield. Furthermore, they possess higher efficiency, durability and fluorescence than present organic fluorophores. BENEFITS Simpler and cheaper production, owing […]

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