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The new mecano-like construction system comprises a simple node connector and a fast method for the assembly of lattice structures. It provides a general, fast, and cost-effective alternative to current fabrication methods because the bars, tubes, or profiles of the structure become self-clamped upon assembly while maintaining the maximum buckling performance.


  • Faster and versatile: tools, bolts, welds, glue, or gusset plates are not required for assembly. Ideal for rapid in-orbit or submarine construction with any kind of bar, tube, or profile.
  • Zero thermal expansion and vibrations attenuation structures are possible.
  • Easy to reinforce: Using tubes and hollow nodes, the whole structure can be reinforced by filling with concrete or resin. Additionally, the structure can be further secured by bolting, gluing, or welding.
  • Maximum resistance: The bar ends effectively behave as clamped to achieve full buckling resistance, especially with high performance unidirectional composites.


This general construction technology could be of interest
in a wide range of sectors, for example:

  • Lattice towers and decks
  • Aerospace
  • Primary structures
  • Diagrid buildings
  • Geodesic domes
  • Scaffolds
  • Telescopes


  • Node connectors
  • Lattice towers
  • Anisogrid structures
  • Diagrid buildings
  • Oil platforms
  • Scaffolding
  • Zero thermal expansion
  • Vibrations attenuation
  • Flammable environments

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Nataly Pizarro · Project Manager

Nataly Pizarro


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