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Timo BuetefischCooltra
Cooltra CEO at Cooltra


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Professional profile

Timo Buetefisch, born in Germany 43 years ago, is an ex-consultant and MBA from IESE, who has been living in the Catalan capital for about 14 years. Before settling in Barcelona, he lived in his native Germany, Paris, Buenos Aires, Greece and Switzerland giving him a cosmopolitan character.

He has a strong entrepreneur personality and has always been clear that he wanted to be his own boss. Passionate about the world of motorcycling, Timo found the opportunity to start his own business when his bike was damaged one day while he was driving around Barcelona. When this happened, he realized that the niche of motorcycles was not exploded enough, as it was very difficult for him to find a company where he could rent a scooter during the weeks that his was in the workshop. From this need was born Cooltra, a great project that with his friends – the brothers Henrik and Holger Sprengel – managed to create what would be today the European leader in sustainable mobility solutions on two wheels.

Description of the organization

Cooltra was established in Barcelona in 2006 as a new concept of mobility: on two wheels and per days. Since then, the company has been constantly growing and now became the European leader in sustainable mobility solutions on two wheels.

We are dedicated to scooter rentals for days, months and, also, to rental services for businesses and public administration. Throughout these 10 years Cooltra set up companies of ecoScooting – the first sustainable courier enterprise on two wheels and eCooltra – the biggest European scooter sharing service with a presence in four cities.

At present, more than 400 persons work every day to provide you the best service with a fleet of 11.000 scooters (2.000 of which are electric), a presence in 6 countries, 24 proper delegations and more than 100 rental points in Europe.

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