Improving the return on R&D investments

TECH TRANSFER TALKS Jesús Aivar es Sales & Marketing Manager de LIDAX, una empresa de base tecnológica espacial, ubicada en Madrid. Sus ingenieros desarrollan equipos ópticos que forman parte de los más avanzados instrumentos científicos que se embarcan en los satélites de la Agencia Espacial Europea, buscando dar respuestas a los grandes interrogantes del Universo, […]

Webinars de este ciclo 3 DE SEPTIEMBRE GIC: El sistema Galileo se asienta en Latinoamérica En este primer webinar del ciclo se presentó el Centro de información sobre Galileo recientemente instalado Santiago, sus funciones y los motivos de la apertura por parte de la Comisión Europea. 30 DE SEPTIEMBRE ¿Por qué Galileo? Descripción, sistemas y […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This technology is responsible for controlling temperature changes in elements that must be cooled at certain times of their activity. It is capable of working in a wide temperature range within the cryogenic environment, 20K to 120K, providing much more flexibility than other Heat Switches developed in the past. No power is needed […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology consists in a vaccine which can be administrated through the mucosa (oral and/or intranasal) for the treatment and control of PCV2 associated diseases. Additionally, this vaccine includes a microencapsulated antigen, which permits to deliver an efficient and harmless immunization and also controlled delivery to the therapeutic target. This innovation also has […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The new mecano-like construction system comprises a simple node connector and a fast method for the assembly of lattice structures. It provides a general, fast, and cost-effective alternative to current fabrication methods because the bars, tubes, or profiles of the structure become self-clamped upon assembly while maintaining the maximum buckling performance. BENEFITS Faster […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology consist in an planning and programming algorithms developed to assign optimal tasks in complex scenarios, like could be robots with limited turning capabilities or those who have to deal with complex terrains. It has been implemented in Planning & Scheduling demonstrators for autonomous robots, which includes integration of task and path […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY Development of structures with composite materials, combined with design, simulation, prototyping, testing, systems engineering and production, the full development can be covered in a cost-effective manner. BENEFITS Material qualification selecting the suitable matrix. Appropiate reinforcement in product development. Suitable design and prototyping according to the final use of the piece. Complete development in […]

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