Improving the return on R&D investments

Context The benefits of fiber optic sensors (FOS) for ambient conditions over their conventional counterparts (thermocouples, gauges, or extensometers) are well established; they are smaller, lighter, longer lasting and can provide an enormous number of measurement points at a fraction of total sensor weight. The last frontier in fiber optic sensing is now ultra-harsh environments […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY The technology consist in an planning and programming algorithms developed to assign optimal tasks in complex scenarios, like could be robots with limited turning capabilities or those who have to deal with complex terrains. It has been implemented in Planning & Scheduling demonstrators for autonomous robots, which includes integration of task and path […]

TECHNOLOGY SUMMARY This software program has been designed to quantify both operational and liquidity risk so that financial sector organisations reduce their capital charge, their losses and can meet the requirements of national and international regulators. The software uses different VaR methods to calculate the minimum level of liquid assets to be maintained daily to […]

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